You Can Live in a Giant Cowboy Boot for $1,200 a Month — House of the Day

Nearly twenty photos, both inside and outside, showcase the unique aspects of this home… shaped like a cowboy (or cowgirl) boot. Constructed with recycled and salvaged items included, the small home has many shabby-chic features that will make anyone feel right at home. Galvanized steel walls, wood walls, and modern appliances, all tucked inside an appropriately boot shaped frame make this a one of a kind, whimsical home.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cowboy-boot inspired houses are available for rent in Texas
  • Footwear-inspired homes like these have quite a few special touches, namely the terrazzo floors.
  • THese homes are inspiring other clothing-inspired style homes, like cowboy hat homes.

“They say everything is bigger in Texas, even—nay especially—the boots. Case in point: There’s a cowboy boot so large you can live in it.”

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