In Tight Quarters? Look Up

“Ceilings are one of the most unused surfaces in apartments, and it’s pretty valuable real estate.” One day, having taken note of his unusually high ceilings and the empty hallway between his kitchen and bedroom, he went to a hardware store and built a rack for two bikes, then attached it to his ceiling and painted it over. NYCeiling, based in the financial district, specializes in creating custom looks. The company has transformed a bedroom ceiling into a starry sky embedded with LED lights and Swarovski crystals. He gave them a glossy, polished look, and installed LED lights.

Key Takeaways:

  • She installed a hanging chair in the children’s bedroom to add a place for them to play. “It looks like a bean bag,” she said. It’s a floating thing that won’t take up the floor space.
  • Ms. Deen has some clients who hang pots and pans from the kitchen ceilings, even large baskets for food storage and other necessities.
  • Other New Yorkers are adorning their ceilings, as a way to enhance the ambience or décor of their homes.

“Across the city, New Yorkers are finding practical and decorative ways to use their ceilings, either for storage or to enhance aesthetics.”

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