20 Traits of Fabulous Furniture in Contemporary Design

Furniture is a tough thing to pick. How can you get something with just the right color so it matches, but also with the correct design. Everyone struggles to some degree with this. In this article there are twenty excellent traits of great furniture in contemporary design. Look no further for pointers on picking your next set of furniture.

Key Takeaways:

  • Contemporary designs, quite like mid century modern designs, involve a simplification of the detailing and an innate clean-lined aspect.
  • Modern refers to a specific time period (early to mid 20th century, in fact), while contemporary design is design of the moment.
  • Right now, however, the two words are often used together because many elements of mid century modern design – particularly furniture – are incorporated into contemporary spaces.

“Today’s contemporary design won’t be the same as the contemporary design of the 2030s because of its roots in the moment.”


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