LuminArt Asian Standing Lamps, Hanging Lamps, Table Lamps and Lighted Tables from our Tansu Asian Home Accessories Collection.

Our LuminArt collection of modern lamps is the perfect addition to any Asian furniture collection. Available in a wide variety of types and styles, these pieces of Asian lighting are more than just functional—they’re each their own work of art. Featuring Asian-inspired materials such as wrought iron, abaca palm strands, custom fiberglass, bamboo, and Asian hardwoods, these lighting fixtures are both beautiful and designed to last. They are ideal for complementing Asian hardwood furniture, whether in the bedroom, living room, or dining area.

Allow your choice of LuminArt fixture to be determined by your exact lighting and artistic needs. Save space, for example, with hanging lamps or table lamps that offer beauty and illumination without taking up too much room. These styles of Asian lighting are ideal for desks or dining areas where more direct light is needed. Or combine lamps with furniture and discover lighted tables, which are perfect for adding a soft glow to a bedroom or living room. Standing lamps featuring Asian lighting style are perfect as wall décor or even room dividers; their dual functionality makes them well worth your investment. For the most cohesive look, mix and match from all of our collections! Many lamps feature corresponding styles in other lighting types. Our LuminArt pieces are all Asian in concept, but feature different styles and levels of detail – no matter what your design taste, you’ll definitely find an Asian lamp that is right for your space.

Each unique lamp comes complete with all of the iron hardware need for mounting and is easy to install in any room needing an exotic flair. Perfect for both residential and commercial settings. Designed to run on standard USA electrical current and bulbs readily found at your local corner hardware store for convenient replacement. Click on the images to search our floor standing, hanging and lighted table collections and match a LuminArt lamp with your Asian furniture collection.
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Chinese Lantern - Style 1
Chinese Lantern - Style 1
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